Our Approach

Human Light System create the World through the Biointernet

Our Story

In the beginning was the Word. Today, we are talking about Linguistic Wave Genetics...

Meet the Team

We are International Team. We live in different countries. We are artists, engineers and scientists. Welcome to Korotkov Club!

Kirill Korotkov

Founder & CEO

Psychologist, Economist, Researcher, Artist, Filmmaker, etc

Konstantin Korotkov

Scientific Director

PhD, Inventor of GDVCAMERA Bio-Well. GDV/EPI Consulting.

Sergey Avdeev

The Biointernet Director

PhD, Inventor of Translighters Technologies and co-founder of The Biointernet Project

Martina Hruba

Service Manager

Bio-Well, Translighters, AK TOM, Human Light System and other Products and Services

Alexander Dvoryanchikov

The Doctor

MD, GDV Guru, author of the Bio-Well Analysis Course

Maria Shlenskaya


Philologist, Interpreter, Dealer's Support

Oleg Bazhenov

Art Director

Author of the Structured Digital Photo Technologies. Artist, Cameramen, Designer, etc

Galina Gajova

Program Director

Theater Director, TBS Programs Manager. Author of IIS and other Courses.

Dieter Zenke


PhD, Low and Superlow devices Manager. AK TOM Consulting.

Next Steps...

Welcome to the KOROTKOV Club!