BRR-therapy for AK TOM

BRR-therapy (background resonance radiation) is a separate branch of the millimeter wave therapy which makes it possible to «record» new frequencies themselves, and transmit the information to the human body.

The detachable crystal, which is used for the BRR-function, consists of a semiconductor crystal, an invention discovered by Russian scientists, without parallel, in the world. The crystal acts as a hard disc in a computer. You can store frequencies information from people, animals, plants, food, medicines or any other item. When the recording stage is complete, remove the crystal from the cord, and the crystal returns the information back, which has been recorded.

BRR-therapy for AK TOM

The recorded frequencies, during the sixty seconds, of the crystal, stores the information for at least five years.

BRR-therapy operates quite similiarly to an electronic homoeopathy, with its unique method of therapy. The crystal adjusts itself automatically to every pathogenic (illness) factor, for example, a virus which has invaded the body, or areas of pain. It registers a type of «illness photo».

The crystal is not concerned with which type of virus or germ is harming the human body. It cannot discern what it is «photographing». Hence it is the duty of human beings to determine the zone which is the most optimal for the crystal. The remainder of the «work» is completed by the crystal itself — it photographs as well as influences the pain spot with the same frequencies as it had initially absorbed. This natural vibration exchanges the characteristics of the disease in the body, and obliterates them. The length of the treatment is dependent on how extensive the illness has progressed.

The healthy cells respond also to the radio waves, however because of their great numbers, this influence is restricted, in comparison to the pathogenically possessed microorganisms, which in effect have spread throughout the human body. For healthy cells, they are just a wholesome stimulus.

Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin 


Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin

Alexander Kozhemyakin inventor of MyStoneAK TOM devicesStella Equipment (professional medical equipment for clinics and hospitals), BioCor for Bio-Well and other EHF and IR devices

Alexander Kozhemyakin is the author of technologies that work at the cell level. 

Millimeter therapy formed the basis for the operation of the AK TOM, CEM-TECH and Stella-2 devices, which are also unique developments of Dr. Kozhemyakin.

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