Detoxification program

Detoxification program by AK TOM

Our ancestors long ago concluded that one of the conditions for recovery and maintenance of health is a timely withdrawal of the harmful products and weight substances, which have accumulated inside the human body.This idea is contained in the writings of Hippocrates, Avicenna and other famous healers.

What modern language categorizes as endogenous intoxication, is the development of the diseases which occur in the human body. Through a person’s lifespan, occurs many of these endogenous intoxications- for example platitudes colds, influenza, digestive disorders, or experiencing high temperature. Endogenous Intoxication’s degree of making one feel sick and be in poor general condition, is dependent on the severity of the intoxication inside the person’s body. Removing these toxins, via urine, feces and exhalation can be accompanied by a self-improvement, as witnessed almost by everyone, one time or another.

The process of secretion juices will naturally occur, at all levels of the gastrointestinal, via adequate quantity and quality of foods entered into the human body. Other elements involved are the salivary glands, the cells of the stomach and the bowels, the liver and devotes of bile, and the pancreas. In digestion there occur many bowel micro-flora, which have a very important role in the life of a microorganism. Microbes fissile the undigested portion of foods consumed, promote assimilation and absorption of vitamins, and are involved in maintaining homeostasis. As a result, the human body can than maintain its normal conditions, for human existence.

To create this harmony in the human body, several requirements are necessary: good food, clean water, natural splitting and absorption of food.

Each organism requires adequate protection from aggressive media which occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, a balanced number of bowel micro-flora, a timely removal of remnants from foods, and any additional conditions which naturally occur, during the changing states of the organism, are all necessary aspects for complete harmony to occur in the human body.

Detoxification program by AK TOM

Every day, thousands of destroying lymphocytes enter the human body. During this process, the lymphocytes can become modified, and any remaining «matter» which remains, will be deposited inside the human body, not to mention the “matter” created by worn out dead cells, microbes, and parasites.
It is partly expelled from the urine and spleen, and any remaining which are not expelled, creates the conditions where our we begin to feel sick. Cleaning occurs only when we entirely remove these wastes from the body…

The main program to be carried out at least once a year (as in the treatment of serious diseases – it is mandatory to begin with a set of therapeutic measures).

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Detoxification program

Cleansing or detoxification – This is categorized as the withdrawal, from the human body of, free radicals, toxins, salts of heavy metals, radio-nuclides, and clearances from the slag, mucus, etc. According to the principles of  Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first procedure is in the meridian colon, during the period of maximum activity, from the times of 5 am — 7 am, and the second procedure is in the heater triple, during the period of maximum activity, from the times of 9 pm — 11 pm, (decreasing with the moon).

In medicine today, there are a variety of detoxification methods — enterosorbent, hemosorbtion, lazmoforez etc. Scientist’s seeking ways to resolve many of the health problems experienced by the human body, concluded the importance of cleansing and purification. In addition, especially in severe treatments, procedures are encouraged to undergo first a detoxification course, for better therapeutic results.

AK TOM allows one to implement a program of detoxification painlessly, effectively, and very fairly «intelligently», since the device has a secondary title of, «the best homeopath». It allows one to input into the human body, whatever the human body needs, at that very moment!

With that stated, it is necessary to remember that there are no such things as a quick detoxifications. It is better to the procedure correctly, than to do it at all. Toxins emerge from cells in the blood, and if there are far too many toxins, they may enter into the different structures of the brain, including the sub-cortical structures, which possesses no barrier from the bloodstream (hypothalamus & pineal body). This will inevitably lead to headache, weakness, dizziness, nausea, and sweating. It is therefore suggested to carry out the cleansing of the human body, in a more smoothly and consistently manner. In short, not to rush the procedure.

The full program of detoxification includes 4 main stages (you can preliminary carry out «quick» cleaning):

1st — Step – Cleansing the Intestine

2nd — Step – Cleansing of the Urine

3rd — Step — Cleansing the Blood

4th — Step — Cleansing Lymph


On pages of our website it is much told about need of careful implementation of the program of full detoxicating. This program is rather labor-consuming, demands methodicalness and a regularity of carrying out. Besides, on time it is rather long.

Unfortunately, modern pace of life not always allows to carry out regularly full detoxicating that makes almost impossible effective carrying out all other programs. In this regard the program of cleaning which duration only 10 days was developed.

1. In 1st mode to put a red emitter on a carotid on the right for 2 minutes. At the left — for 2 minutes. Each next day to add on 1 minute up to 5 minutes at the left and 5 minutes on the right.

2. In 1st mode to put a green emitter on the right subclavial zone for 5 minutes. Each next day to add on 1 minute up to 10 min.

3. In 1st mode to put a yellow emitter on area of a liver and gall bladder and we move it on these areas of 5 min. Each next day to add on 1 minute up to 10 min.

The essence of this program is to destroy dioxins and some other substances harmful to our body.
Use the «quick cleaning» program before carrying out the program of complete detoxification. It gives intensifying of effect, facilitates courses of detoxicating and reduces terms of carrying out each of stages of the program of full detoxicating.


At the ordinary average person the intestine contains about five kilograms of various microorganisms, and not all from them useful and necessary. Besides, the ordinary person has after 40 years, as a rule, an amount of the enzymes necessary for digestion of a nutrition is reduced to 20% of norm.

Work of immune system, nervous and other systems of an organism in many respects depends on a condition of an intestine. Very many diseases are directly bound to not digestion of a nutrition in an organism (it is one of the reasons of autoimmune, allergic diseases). Meat, in order to an assimilate normally, has to be digested to amino acids, but often it doesn’t occur. Some part is digested, and the rest comes to a blood, and blood cells are forced to perform digestion function not inherent to them, to emit enzymes and to work with a huge strain.

Cells of a human body live only 2-3 months, then perish and others come to their place. The died cells can circulate in a blood channel before half a year as there aren’t enough enzymes that to utilize them. And the immune system Accepts them for «strangers» and begins to develop against them antibodies — against cells of a thyroid gland, liver, etc. So development of autoimmune diseases begins.

Thus, cleaning of an intestine — the most important factor of treatment of any disease.

Remove the information from the feces (preferably from the morning bowel movement). Information is better to withdraw through quartz glass (or a thin plastic bag). Use the yellow emitter during the 2nd mode.
Then disconnect the crystal emitter tablet and attach to the bottle to already structured drinking water for 3 — 5 minutes. This water (about 1.5-2 liters) should be gradually drunk throughout the day.

1st Step take information from morning feces 2nd mode.

2nd Step Structure water for 1-2 minutes.

3rd Step detach the tablet with the recorded information and attached to the structured water for 3-5 minutes .

Duration: if the person elderly or the seriously ill patient, is better to carry out this stage within three weeks. In other cases — 7-10 days.

As a result, almost imperceptibly for us the set of problems was solved: excrements changed to the best (the unpleasant smell disappeared, the feces doesn’t stick to a toilet bowl (means there are no fats — they were digested), slime disappeared), we got rid of dysbacteriosis, there passed intoxication, the brain and the autonomic nervous system began to work better, the peristalsis improved.


Each night, about two thousand liters of blood, pass through the kidney, which is filtered and then concentrated as urine. Thus, urine is concentrated blood plasma. Thus, almost all of the information contained in the blood, can be located in urine.

First, remove the information from the morning urine (daily urine must be new).

In the 2nd Program (FRI-Therapy) place the tablet over a glass of urine for one minute.

Then detach the crystal tablet from the wire, and then attach it to the glass or bottle that you have prepped the structured water for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Drink the water throughout the day.

Duration: for more or less healthy person 7-10 days that urine became pure there are enough. If the person elderly or the seriously ill patient, is better to carry out this stage during two — three weeks.
It is necessary to remember that water stores information no more than 1 days. Next day only about 40% of initial information remain.

Control method: subjective — visually to define color of urine, its smell, existence of flakes, a transparence, and it is possible to make analyses.


Blood — this transportation system organism, feeds information to each cell. The circulatory system very much depends on it. If one violates any of its functions, dis-balance occurs in microcirculation in the tissues, dehydration is developed in the tissues, as well oxygen starvation.
Erythrocytes should be smooth, and of a particular size. What transpires during changing the size and shape of erythrocytes, is a bonding action, in the so-called «bollards coins», which is in line with emerging blood sugar crystals, uric acid, and cholesterol. The cells, which are burnt with acid, become inflamed or even vanish.

Purifying Blood

Remove the information from the morning urine (daily urine must be fresh) or from somnolent or radial artery. In the 2nd mode, place the crystal tablet over a glass of urine for 1 minute.

Then detach the crystal tablet from the wire, and place it to any blood vessel (somnolent or radial artery). For approximately 6 to 8 hours.

Duration: 1 weeks. In serious cases, use for an additional 10 days.


The lymph nodes function as an immunologic filter for the bodily fluid known as lymph. Lymph nodes are found throughout the body, and are composed mainly of T-cells, B-cells, dendritic cells and macrophages. The lymph nodes drain fluid from most of our tissues. Antigens are filtered out of the lymph, in the lymph node, before returning the lymph to the bloodstream. In a similar fashion as the spleen, the macrophages and dendritic cells that capture antigens present these foreign materials to T-Cells and B-cells, consequently initiating an immune response.

Initial stage of Cleansing the Lymph Vessel:

First, remove the information from the morning urine (daily urine must be fresh) or from somnolent or radial artery. In the 2nd Program place the crystal tablet over a glass of urine for 1 minute.

Duration: 1 weeks. In serious cases, use for an additional 10 days.

Second stage of Cleansing Lymph Vessel:

*In the 2nd Program place the crystal tablet and apply over a blood vessel for 1 minute.

*Then detach the crystal tablet from the wire and place it on any Lymph Vessel. For approximately 6 — 8 hours.

Duration: 1 weeks. In serious cases, use for an additional 10 days.

Together with it in 3st mode apply place the crystal tablet and apply to the Lymph Vessel, for 5 minutes, on each point shown on the picture.

Duration: 7- 10 days.

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