EHF-Puncture for AK TOM

EHF-puncture is impact on an organism the low-intensive radiation of millimetric range through acupuncture points with the medical or preventive purpose. It unites in itself to wealth of experience and traditions of the East to the latest developments of electronics. This method well is suitable for treatment of the majority of the diseases caused by disturbance of processes of a self-regulation of an organism.

EHF-Puncture for AK TOM

EHF-puncture effectively stimulates protective forces, normalizes the immune status, accelerates recovery processes in a human body. It can be combined with other methods of treatment, repeatedly strengthening effect of their use.
For more than twenty-five year period of practical use in clinical medicine the extensive experience set by permissions of the Ministry of Health and protected by patents in many countries is accumulated.

For holding sessions of EHF-punctures by the device Spinor, you should use the auricular adapter.

Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin 


Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin

Alexander Kozhemyakin inventor of MyStoneAK TOM devicesStella Equipment (professional medical equipment for clinics and hospitals), BioCor for Bio-Well and other EHF and IR devices

Alexander Kozhemyakin is the author of technologies that work at the cell level. 

Millimeter therapy formed the basis for the operation of the AK TOM, CEM-TECH and Stella-2 devices, which are also unique developments of Dr. Kozhemyakin.

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