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Virtual technologies for the Real Virtual World

Files with Functions – Artificial Intelligence for Tomorrow

Files with Functions – contemporary technologies by Dr. Boris Zolotov, Dr. Sergey Avdeev, Dr. Andrei Patrushev, Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin, Oleg Bazhenov, Kirill Korotkov, Anton Fedorenko and other inventors and researchers.

Translighters Digital, Informational Medicine, Digital Structured Photography, Dynamic Vision Board, Digital Medicine, Binaural Beats, Digital Drugs and other technologies on Download Low and Superlow Files with Functions

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Beauty Bio Net-7
Beauty Bio Net-7

Files with Functions Technologies

Virtual Health Technologies

Translighters Digital – images, videos and other kind files with Translighters functions

Informational Copy Medicine – transfer medicine information to the water

Digital Structured Photography – healing photography

Dynamic Vision Board – meta-modeling construction

Digital Medicine – files with medical functions

AK TOM Technologies – transfer information technologies

Binaural Beats, Digital Drugs – classic, Mind machines

and other technologies on Download Files with Functions

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Each Low and Superlow technologies has Products and Services departments

For example (on GDVPLANET):

AK TOM Devices, AK TOM Oscillators and AK TOM Accessories

Translighters devices, Translighters Digital and Translighters Services

IC Medical devices (Infoceuticals) and files with information

Mind machine Navigator and Binaural Beats, Digital Drugs

Files with Functions Products and Services