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MyStone® beauty Device for beauty and health treatment (non medical)

MyStone box
MyStone box

What is the MYSTONE®?

The MYSTONE® is a small millimeter wave (AK TOM technologies  by Dr. Kozhemyakin) device that combines state-of-the-art technologies and traditional Eastern knowledge of body self-healing and the life balance.

By using this groundbreaking technology in the cosmetics industry, regular use of MYSTONE® can permanently improve your skin’s microcirculation and immune system. Stress reactions of the autonomic nervous system are reduced.

The signals from the MYSTONE® provide a systemic process in the body that can also be used e.g. aimed at acupuncture.

Therefore, this method works particularly well on the known acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine, but also on the bioactive points of reflexotherapy.



Health, Beauty and Sport

The MYSTONE® is controlled by gestures or with a smartphone. The required app is available for free.

The MYSTONE® has no buttons, switches or connection sockets. This makes it waterproof and easy to clean.

The MYSTONE® is charged wirelessly. It is simply placed on the supplied charging pad and shows you its charging status.



for a nicer and firmer skin

strengthens the effect of creams

reduce physical stress

Reliably strengthen the immune system

For a more beautiful skin

The action ensures the strengthening of connective tissue and improved elasticity of the skin by promoting microcirculation. The microcirculation of the blood in the capillaries of the skin and the fluid in the intercellular matrix ensure optimal supply of nutrients, minerals and oxygen to the cells and tissues.

soothe your skin
calm down

Pamper and soothe your skin after hair removal (epilation or shaving) or in case of inflammation, e.g. after tattooing (tattoos or permanent make-up). Often the skin reacts after depilation with skin irritation or inflammation. Even after a fresh tattoo, wound healing and immune defense can lead to redness, swelling and inflammation.

Heal pimples, stitches, etc. better

Avoid irritating local inflammations, pimples or insect bites faster. Inflammation of the sebaceous glands or sweat glands (pimples) and insect bites lead to reddening of the skin, itching and the like. These are natural defense reactions of the body to the invading bacteria or toxins.

Make care products look better

Support the effect of your skin care products for vital, fresh skin by promoting microcirculation. This can significantly increase the effect of applied care preparations.

reduce physiological stress

This treatment can quickly and efficiently reduce physiological stress that can result from excessive workload, overdosed sports training, lack of sleep or other adverse influences. Stress is an activation response of our body that balances the interaction with the demands of the environment.

strengthen your immune system

Strengthen your immune system reliably, if your immune response is dampened by external influences. The entire immune system is weakening and susceptibility to infectious diseases is increasing. By stimulating the endocrine system and the production of defense cells of the immune system, the protective and regulatory systems of the organism are activated.



Energetic and informational interaction in the service of beauty

The development of MYSTONE® is based on the results of research into the energetic and informational interactions between humans and their environment. This work was carried out mainly by Russian scientists many years ago. The following explanations serve as an introduction to the topic. Additional literature can be found at the end of the presentation. About Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin here.

Physical backgrounds

Every electromagnetic radiation, including the light of the sun, always carries information (frequency, polarization, modulations, continuous or pulsed radiation, energy of light quanta) which are important for the possible effects on the human body.

In the MYSTONE® is a special crystal that is electrically excited to vibrate. The road generated by the MYSTONE®

The radiation generated by MYSTONE® has a very low radiation energy. This is in the order of 10-10 W / cm2, that is clearly (by a few orders of magnitude) smaller than the radiation energy of a mobile phone [13, 14]. The penetration depth into the skin is therefore a maximum of 1 mm.

From space only certain parts of the radiation spectrum reach the biosphere (earth surface) through so-called transparency windows. This includes, in particular, the visible light.

The range of electromagnetic EHF radiation used by the MYSTONE® of 30-80 GHz (EHF = extremely high frequency) is largely shielded by the atmosphere. In the course of evolution, resonance and communication structures in the human body could develop using this frequency range.

For the consideration of the effect of the MYSTONE® the term of the resonance is of central importance. Every oscillatory system (including the human body) has a natural frequency with which it vibrates freely. If energy is supplied externally to the system with just this frequency, the amplitude of the oscillation continues to increase (like a swing that is pushed).

The oscillation amplitude and thus the energy of the oscillating resonance system can be greater by a multiple than the amplitude of the externally applied excitation oscillation. These resonance effects result in greater effects in the organism due to the very low radiation energy of the MYSTONE®.

Since the discovery of the electromagnetic fields and the description of the electro-magnetic radiation or the photons, there have always been studies on the medical-biological use of this radiation.

This research was inspired by the ideas of Nobel laureate Ilja Prigogine [15] for irreversible non-equilibrium thermodynamics. These describe how coherent states can be created far from the thermodynamic equilibrium by chaotic interactions of incoherent structures.

N. D. Devjatkov and his colleagues [5] recognized that the interactions between the biological objects and the radiation in the EHF region are resonance processes. It has been shown that the interaction of the radiation has “information character” and is suitable to influence or control processes at the cellular level. This is the basis of EHF therapy in physiotherapy and, ultimately, the use of MYSTONE®.

It was e.g. in many works of this school on the fundamental role of water and its under the influence of electromagnetic radiation arising different states for the explanation of effects of EHF therapy pointed out. Moisture of the skin as an essential cosmetic feature is thus influenced by the effect of MYSTONE® [12].

MyStone blue
MyStone blue

Effect of EHF radiation of MYSTONE® on the human body

By using the MYSTONE®, the following effects occur [6]:

• The local effects promote the transport processes in the human tissue (microcirculation in the small blood capillaries of the skin, activation of the removal of metabolic products by lymph, better introduction of immune proteins and immune cells).

• The physical effects have a pronounced resonance character and are clearly dependent on the frequency of the acting EHF radiation and not on its intensity (energy).

• The initial state of the organism (fatigue, infection, hormonal changes) influences the therapeutic result.

• The biological effects are retained through structural effects in the cells beyond the period of immediate action.

• In highly organized biological systems such as humans, it is possible to influence the activity of internal organs such as the immune system or the autonomic nervous system by acting on specific areas of the body surface (biologically active points).

Cosmetic effects of EHF therapy

The effects should be considered for the cosmetic sector. However, many of the facts presented apply analogously to physiotherapeutic – medical applications, although the MYSTONE® is not intended for this application.
The reactions to the human organism are composed of physical, chemical and biological processes in the skin (up to 1 mm in depth) and total body reactions.

The local effects of electromagnetic radiation in the EHF range as a physical-cosmetic factor unfold in the skin and its organelles. The radiation acts on the epidermis and the dermis (papillary layer and network layer). Certain cells (fibrocytes, histiocytes, fattening and pigment cells and blood cells) are particularly affected. In addition, the influence on the capillaries, the nerve endings, the Meisner’s, the Ruffinian and father Pacinian corpuscles, and on the subcutaneous adipose tissue is demonstrated by a network of blood and lymphatic vessels and secondary neural networks [1,2,3,6,10]. The local effects include in particular:

• Local changes in metabolism (nutritional status of the skin)
• Improvement of microcirculation
• Improvement of the functional state of the cells

The treatment creates a new level of repair processes and supports the functional restoration of the skin.
Through the skin, general effects of the physical – cosmetic factor EHF radiation are induced. Due to the high level of complexity and the diversity of the results, only a very brief overview of the most important aspects can be reported in this context.

Physiological aspects of the mechanism of action of millimeter waves as the basis for the effectiveness of MYSTONE® are in particular:

• Biophysical effects

An important biophysical effect is the interaction of the electromagnetic EHF radiation with the dipoles of the water molecules, the hydration shell of the proteins and the biopolymers themselves. The effects and structural influences of these interactions can hardly be overestimated. The proven effect of EHF radiation [3,6,8,9,11] is related, among other things, to the structural changes and the mobilization of collagen fibers, an important stabilizing component of the skin. Moisturizing the skin carried by the MYSTONE® is an essential element of skin health and appearance.

• Sensorial reception

The activation of the sensors of the skin leads to reactions in the entire body:

• Increase of the spontaneous activity of the Ruffinian bodies; warm feeling

Reflex arc from the Ruffinian bodies over the gray matter of the spinal cord to the vegetative ganglia; Activation of the autonomic nervous system
The neurons of the vegetal ganglia cause the release of hormones and others. Adrenaline and norepinephrine

• Effect of norepinephrine – optimizing the work of the brain, sympathetic activation

• Biochemical reception

The following therapeutically useful biochemical reactions have been demonstrated as a consequence of millimeter wave application [1,4,5,7,12]:

• Activation of the pentose phosphate pathway (reduction of oxidative stress on the erythrocytes) and antioxidant effect Increase of the potassium content in the intercellular space

• Activation of immune cells.

The effect of the electromagnetic rays of MYSTONE® is not limited to the skin. Because of the informational nature of millimeter waves, there is a systemic reaction of the body. These are already triggered at very low radiation energies (from 0.1 mW / cm2). It is precisely these systemic reactions, comparable to the therapeutic effect of acupuncture, that make the method widely applicable and successful in cosmetic use. The success of MYSTONE® is thus based on the restoration of optimal homeostasis of the entire system.

Basic concepts using the MYSTONE®

Since EHF treatment is a systemic process, the described applications should be followed. EHF treatment is related to homeopathy, reflexotherapy and acupuncture in its systemic approach. Therefore, similar approaches are used in cosmetic practice.

However, it should always be noted that the MYSTONE® is intended for cosmetic treatments. If there are signs of a disease that go beyond cosmetic problems, e.g. prolonged inflammation of the skin, fever, extensive reddening of the skin, severe skin lesions, etc. discontinue use of the MYSTONE® and seek medical advice.

MyStone Gel Serum
MyStone Gel Serum

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More Research on Low and Superlow

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  1. Is the radiationlevel ok? If it’s close to the level of a mobile phone I wouldn’t call it safe. How can I be sure the rays and radiation is actually beneficial to the body? Thanks in advance.

  2. If I use Ak-tom, On my body . Can I also use MYSTONE?
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