Translighters Games

One of the most remarkable acts of the Creator is the GAME!

How do games arise?

Who and what for created them?

And what are the rules of these Creations?

And how is the GAME OF THE GAMES have been formed?

By what rules?

With what figures?

And what does the winner get?

And what is the loser?

For the interesting Life, exciting, it is necessary that the exciting mind, soul, body, spirit was the GAME.


Boris Zolotov

Science, Magic, Technologies

Online Interactive, the Biointernet Show

With Sergey Avdeev and Kirill Korotkov

Monday, 21.00 GMT+2, Prague’s Time

Beta version / free

Russian and English

These are Games in Time, with Time and Timeless

Working with Translighters Equipment, talking with inventor and developers of the Biointernet project, Questions and Answers, Experiments, Translighters Digital, Intuitive Information Sight training, Translighters Transfer, Ideas Exchange, Dice, Brain Storm, Expert-Operator System, Leader Follow, MiniMax technology, new devices and more

Free training for Translighters users. Welcome to the Biointernet!

Translighters technologies
Translighters technologies

Key words:

Intuition, The Biointernet, Intuitive Information Sight, Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, Love, Expedition, Games, Play, Feel, Sense, Stock, Human Resources, Experiment, Bio-Well, GDV Sputnik, Prognosis, Bio-Well, Casino, Science, Quality of Life, Meditation, Bitcoin course, Bitcoin Price, Market Cap, Charts, Satoshi Cycle, Research, Precognition, Reiki, Cosmos, BEZ, Metamodeling, Human Resources, Metabolism

Translighters Games
Translighters Games

Since 28/02/18 at 21 Prague’s time (GMT +2) and every Week, Monday

Dear Translighters Games Participants, before online meeting, please calculate and send to [email protected] your results from this 3 systems: Human Design,  GDVCAMERA Bio-Well and Pythagorean Square. You will really help with our Research, we will help you too.

Human Design Chart, you can calculate here:
Save PDF and send to Games at

You can calculate Pythagorean Square on any search engine, just go to Google.

Actually, you can calculate it, using pen and paper.

MHC Magic Ticket cards
MHC Magic Ticket cards

Translighters Games – new Results and new Quality of your Life. Welcome!

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Half an Hour for you like a present

Welcome to Translighters Games!

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Schrödinger’s Hourglass on Translighters Games – Intuitive Information Sight Training for free

Translighters Games 4 – Working with Mirror of Joy 
Part one

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Translighters Games Price-List:

Online Translighters Games – Free

– 10% Discount for Human Light System Equipment. Promotion code: Translighters Games

Prizes for participants:

– Translighters Digital – in every Game for Winners

– SuperPrize – BLAGA Gold for participants!


BLAGA Gold – The system for structural and informational optimization of business.

BLAGA Gold – The Modulator of spatial-temporal resources.

BLAGA Gold – The system TRANSLIGHTER BLAGA GOLD is intended for increasing the flow of wealth and resources (including financial ones).


Super Prize on the Final Game! $3216!

Order Translighters Now!

Online link to Translighters Games (open 21:00 GMT+2, Monday)

Link to the Game:
Open 21:00-22:30, Prague’s Time (GMT +2), every Monday

Contact e-mail: Games at

Translighters Games
Translighters Games

Telegram channel 

WhatsApp group

Translighters Facebook page

Translighters users Group on Facebook

Translighters Games on Youtube

Human Potential Movement Games

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