Treatment alcohol and narcotic dependencies with AK TOM

Treatment alcohol and narcotic dependencies with AK TOM

Any dependence — rather difficult pathology also needs observation of the expert. Already somehow learned to struggle with intoxication, however dependence removal — quite serious problem. And not to use for the solution of this problem of a possibility of devices AK TOM, just irresponsibly.

Many mechanisms are involved in formation of dependences: both physiological and psychological. Therefore it is very important that the patient had a desire to get rid of alcoholic or drug addiction. It strongly influences overall effectiveness of treatment.

However, often happens so that the patient has desire to get rid of dependence, but it does not succeed. Then the device Spinor can become that effective remedy which will help to cope with this situation without complications and side effects. Moreover, the device AK TOM will help to restore the lost health.

At intoxication or an abstinence it is necessary to make record from alcoholic drink or, respectively, from narcotic substance (or since its remains). We use an emitter of yellow color in the 2nd mode.

It is possible to make record once and to keep this emitter, without rewriting anything else on it. If there is enough emitters, it is possible to make for convenience such record on several yellow emitters.

We transfer information to water. This water (about 1,5-2 liters) should be drunk gradually within a day (if there is no expressed intoxication and the person can accept liquid).

To put an emitter with this information on a radial artery for 8-12 hours.
To deliver other emitters with record on dermal to a liver projection for 8-12 hours.
At people with serious dependences the pancreas often suffers (chronic pancreatitis is frequent). Therefore it is advisable to work with a pancreas, restoring its endocrine and exocrine functions (EHF and BRR-therapy).

Also it is necessary to remember about work with an alpha rhythm.

All these procedures are carried out before full putting off of symptoms of intoxication.

Tobacco smoking belongs to dependences too, but acute intoxications practically don’t meet. If the person shows readiness for disposal of nicotine dependence, the algorithm of actions the same, but wellness course has to be more long. It is necessary to understand that here the patience is necessary.

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